About: Charlotte Reed

Renowned for her pet know-how, energy and wit, Charlotte Reed is a popular television and radio guest, writer, spokesperson and lecturer. In 1995, she abandoned life on Wall Street as a corporate lawyer to open Two Dogs & A Goat Incorporated, a premiere, full-service, pet care provider in New York City. She is the author of The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Pet Dog Etiquette (Adams Media, 2007). Charlotte is PeoplePets.com's Petiquette columnist and the Money Saving Pet Tips blogger for AllYou.com. Reed is also the Editor-in-Chief of the tony, new dog magazine, The Blue Book. In addition to her writing career, Reed also works as a pet industry consultant. Although many manufacturers have hired her as a spokesperson, she also works with advertising, marketing, and public relations firms as a pet trend expert, providing a unique understanding of what drives pet consumer behavior. Charlotte is married to Chef Matthew Babbage and is the owner of four dogs, two cats and one parrot.

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